All-on-4 concept - 6 Implants

All-on-4 Concept - 7 implants

all-on-4 concept - 6 implants

Porcelain Crowns - 10 implants

implant Overdentures

smile test drive - 8 crowns

Smile Test Drive

This patient did not like her yellow, chipped teeth. In one day we were able to show her how her new smile would look with 8 new smile test drive crowns. These are only the temporaries!

temporary crowns - 3 implants

Temporary Implant Crowns - This patient was able to restore her smile in one day with three implants and temporary crowns. These crowns were attached to the implants and the patient did not have to wear a flipper or retainer to replace her missing teeth.

porcelain crown & bridge - 5 implants

temporary crown - immediate implant

Immediate Implant - This patient was missing a single tooth. We were able to restore his smile by placing a single implant, and attaching the crown to the implant that same day.

Porcelain crowns - 2 implants

2 Implant Crowns - This patient's crowns were beginning to discolor and show some greyish hues. We were able to give her two new crowns so things could blend seemlessly.

Transitional Denture - 6 Implants

Transitional Denture - This patient did not like the crooked look of her previous denture and could not tolerate the palate gagging her which is why she needed implants placed. We were able to place six implants for her, and give her a new transitional denture that corrected the crooked look and gave her natural looking teeth so she could smile with confidence while her implants heal.